If I had a blog...

Well, I do have a blog. But.

You know how there are people who are food bloggers, travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, research bloggers, etc., etc., etc.?

I was thinking, if I had to pick just one kind of blogger to be, what would I pick? What do I often notice about the world? What would I want to share? The problem I was having, thinking about this, was that I know that as much as I like baked goods (for example), I'd probably get tired of writing about the same thing all the time.

Then I had an idea:

I could be a color blogger.

I could share things that are interesting colors. Nice arrangements of colors. Interesting patterns.

Not like the design bloggers or interior decorator bloggers or crafty people who share how to pick colors that go together in quilts or anything quite as useful as that.

Just colors.

Here are my colors for today:

yellow leaves against a blue sky

(I'm not going to switch to only posting photos of things that are colors I like, mind you. This is a thought experiment. A thought experiment that might include more photos of things that are colorful in the future.)


red button next to a pair of pockets

I would like to direct your attention to a page I've just added:

The Patchwork Coat

About two years ago, I decided it would be awesome to have a coat covered in buttons, colors, and pockets. At long last, I've deemed it done enough to wear. It's not completely done, mind you; it only has twelve pockets so far! But it's done enough to share the progress.

Head over to the project page to read more about the creation process, and see more photos!


Which is your favorite season?

Usually, I can't decide. But when my Hudson valley campus is decked out in full-blown autumn colors, my vote swings in favor of chill fall air, feet crunching through drifts of leaves, and myriad shades of red, brown, orange, and yellow.

Yes, I do, on occasion, meander across campus with my camera. Click for the larger versions!

glossy lake reflecting the bushy lines of green, yellow, orange, and red trees on the far bank

Sunset Lake

_large tree, half covered in red-orange leaves_

View from the room

_a dark branch silhouetted in front of autumn-colored trees_

Branch of doom

_sunlight makes a red-leaved tree glow at the side of grey apartments_ Red glow tree