Autumn Colors

Which is your favorite season?

Usually, I can't decide. But when my Hudson valley campus is decked out in full-blown autumn colors, my vote swings in favor of chill fall air, feet crunching through drifts of leaves, and myriad shades of red, brown, orange, and yellow.

Yes, I do, on occasion, meander across campus with my camera. Click for the larger versions!

glossy lake reflecting the bushy lines of green, yellow, orange, and red trees on the far bank

Sunset Lake

_large tree, half covered in red-orange leaves_

View from the room

_a dark branch silhouetted in front of autumn-colored trees_

Branch of doom

_sunlight makes a red-leaved tree glow at the side of grey apartments_ Red glow tree

Monday, November 1, 2010 - tags: art college colors photography


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