artificial color 3D point cloud of a room

New (old) project!

I've finally added a page about my summer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in 2011! I worked with over forty interns at Mike Comberiate's Engineering Boot Camp. The project I worked on was called LARGE: LIDAR-Assisted Robotic Group Exploration. Essentially, a small fleet of robots were designed to autonomously explore and map novel areas. Check it out!!

Finished year one!

I've recently finished my second semester of grad school at MIT! It was amazing. Updates soon -- my summer plans include revamping the website, adding more recent projects, and documenting some of the exciting things that have happened this year. We'll see how I do.


red button next to a pair of pockets

I would like to direct your attention to a page I've just added:

The Patchwork Coat

About two years ago, I decided it would be awesome to have a coat covered in buttons, colors, and pockets. At long last, I've deemed it done enough to wear. It's not completely done, mind you; it only has twelve pockets so far! But it's done enough to share the progress.

Head over to the project page to read more about the creation process, and see more photos!


pink clouds spread across a pastel sky, smoke rising below from masaya volcano, lit from the last sunlight of the day

Sunset over Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

I've posted a decent number of photos over the years -- nearly every photo on this website is one I've taken. While one could feasibly wander back through my archives to view them, I decided to spare one the trouble.

I've collected a comprehensive list of my photography-themed posts. I have yet to add a complete gallery of all the photos I've ever posted, but that's in the works.

New to your eyes, dear reader, is the special section on the Vassar Palmer Gallery exhibit Through the Student Lens, which featured two of my photos!


me, at a desk, in the lab, working on documentation at a computer

As my undergrad years draw to a close, I've compiled a list of internships and related opportunities for students in Cognitive Science and Computer Science. Most programs are also open to students in other engineering and technology fields and are not limited to undergraduate students!

Take a look! Pass along the page to anyone you know who may find it useful. Although deadlines for some summer 2011 programs have passed, many have March or April deadlines, and many of the semester or year-round programs have later deadlines.


_group shot of nine interns and Garry (one intern, Leo, is not pictured) in front of blimps, holding quadcopters and shiny cars_

I collected up all the articles, blog posts, and cool videos about my LARSS summer into one nice, neat page. There's new material there - I've included our project abstract as well as videos of flying quadcopters!

Check it out. You know you want to.