Photographs of Indiana: Winter, Spring

A selection of photos: Winter

tree, sky, snow on the ground, shadows

Sunny days and snowy grounds

bicycle leaned against a porch, layers of snow on the handlebars, seat, and tires

Not really bicycle weather

stump, bent-over plant, car, houses, all smothered in a layer of snow

A snowed-over parking lot

dimmer evening sun shining through dark snow-covered trees

Evening sun through the trees

A selection of photos: The start of spring

curly purple flowers, green stems and leaves, brick wall behind

Curly purple flowers

daffodils in front of a brick wall


half a fluffy pancake and maple syrup on a plate, with a fork resting tines-down on a bite of pancake

Fluffy pancake and maple syrup

streaks of colored sky glowing behind the bare branches of dark trees

No leaves yet

Monday, March 26, 2012 - tags: art photography travel


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