NASA Internship: Trip to Wallops

Wallops photos!

Earlier this month, everyone in my lab took a trip to NASA Wallops Flight Facility and Assateague State Park to test GROVER2 on the beach. There's a video of some of the lab's preparations over on Geeked on Goddard - take a look! Although I'm not specifically working on GROVER2 (I'm working on the LIDAR-assisted robotic group exploration project, as briefly mentioned earlier), it was a good trip.

A few photos:

wall of old DOS computers, monitors, drawers, printers, cables

A control center we saw while touring the Wallops facilities

a large pumpkin-shaped, translucent balloon

One of the ballons constructed by the Wallops balloon program researchers

tall backlit tree with evening clouds and sky in the background

We spent the night at Wallops; I spent three minutes outside taking photos of the sky and was bitten at least five times by mosquitos

pastel beach and ocean with the glowing morning sun

We were on the beach bright and early! I took a bunch of photos of the sunrise

tracks in the sand made by GROVER2's tank treads

GROVER2's first field tests on the beach.

Sunday, July 24, 2011 - tags: gsfc11 nasa photography travel


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