The Best Way to Acquire Words, Part II

_the novel perdido street station held open in the middle, viewed from the side, undoubtedly being consumed by a voracious reader_

Words are still great.

Having devoured the remainder of China Miéville's Perdido Street Station and started on The Scar, I thought I ought to share my continued collection of wordly wonders. (Don't forget to check out the first half of the list!) Some novel, some familiar but infrequently encountered and marvelous, and all commendable to have in one's vernacular.

  • palimpsest
  • bonhomie
  • jurisprudence
  • desquamate
  • abbatoir
  • ululate
  • prurient
  • efflorescence
  • phalanx
  • salvo
  • etiolate
  • scurrilous
  • conniption
  • rictus
  • ordure
  • priapic
  • agglutination
  • ossified
  • puissance
  • stygian
  • protuberant
  • obstreperously
  • pudenda
  • phlogistic
  • opprobrium
  • aggrandizement
  • tinnitus

Oh, and I have to ask: Do you have any favored words—unusual, rare, or just plain fun to say? I'd like to discover more!

Friday, July 16, 2010 - tags: books


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