Trained to Recycle

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Habits are hard to break

Right now, I have no blue bin in which to pile my cardboard, glass bottles, and tin cans. Checkout clerks look puzzled when I say, "I brought my own bags." My apartment complex advertises its own convenient trash compactor.

It wasn't until I was faced with a lack of "Be Green!" signs and a deficiency of bins for recyclables inseparably paired with every trash can in sight that I realized just how ingrained in me this behavior is. Yes, that's right, I am trained to recycle.

I'm okay with that. I like recycling. It leads me to wonder, though, what other behaviors I've picked up without consciously deciding to do so--I'm sure there are plenty of them. Which won't I notice until some outside event disrupts my pattern of behavior? Which habits are good habits; which exist as conventions simply because nobody has bothered to change them?

Regardless, I'll take my five-cent discount for each reusable shopping bag, thanks.

Saturday, June 26, 2010 - tags: life


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