Motion Tracker

person on the left, motion silhouette on the right

Camera-based body movement tracking

The Motion Tracker is a camera-based body movement tracking system that uses motion silhouettes to estimate the amount a person moves from a video of the person engaged in a task.

The algorithm behind it all was developed by Andrew Olney and Sidney D'Mello. I wrote software and a GUI for using the software when I was a research intern with Sidney D'Mello in 2011-2012.

Here's the paper we published about the project (PDF here). We validated the system on three different datasets. A review and comparison of other motion tracking systems is included, too.


If you just want the program, nab it here: The README includes installation instructions. It's a little buggy and has only been tested on Windows 7.

You can get the source code for Motion Tracker on github. Please forgive my novice programming skills of the time. At least there are comments.

In retrospect, the software should have all been written in python, but alas, I wasn't wise enough at the time to know that. A future project is to port it all to python so it'll work better and run on OSes that aren't just Windows.

Data for the paper

In the paper linked above, we validated the motion tracking system on three different datasets. These datasets are available if you want them:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012