I took more ceramics classes! I made more bowls of different sizes and shapes, practiced making pretty forms, and experimented with glaze effects.

I took a ceramics class! We were taught how to make a couple different forms out of clay on the wheel, but I just made bowls. Lots of bowls.

For my wedding reception, I created colorful, custom centerpieces for all the tables, complete with paper flowers and scrapbook pages. I also designed my own invitations and thank you cards.

Glorb is an interactive set of balls for visualizing and exploring the dynamics of motion, created with my husband Randy for the MIT Media Lab's The Other Festival.

Am I Alive? is a life-size sequential art dialogue that questions the "aliveness" of new technology. I made this for the MIT Media Lab's The Other Festival.

Nearly all the photos on my blog are photos I took. Here's where to find my photo-centric posts from 2010-2012, with a special section on the Vassar Palmer Gallery exhibit Through the Student Lens in 2011, which featured two of my photos.

I designed and painted t-shirts as gifts for family and friends. At first, my dad didn't realize his, featuring some of his favorite Muppets, was hand-painted—yes, it was that awesome!

While studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, I took a sculpture class. In this project, I learned about mass, working with clay, and creating a plaster mold!

The sculpture “Selves”, created during my semester abroad at the University of Sydney. This project emphasized space and abstract forms.